Adaptation and translation

Adaptation: make your text work abroad too

Adaptation and translation aren’t the same thing. This is probably the easiest way to sum up the difference: the more creative the text, the harder it is to translate. A straightforward translation is not enough for advertising copy and fictional texts in particular. Wordplays are unlikely to work and some jokes also get lost in translation. In this case, the text has to be adapted – in other words, it needs to be more or less rewritten in the target language. The term “transcreation” is often used to describe this process, which is a blend of translation and creation. It’s a very good way to sum up what this involves.

Traditional translations

As corporate communications are nothing if not diverse (we might have mentioned that once or twice already), we can also provide traditional translations for business use. Translating presentations into another language is one of the most popular services in this field. We’re happy to supply you with a no-obligation quotation for this and any other service. Just call us or send us an e-mail.