We always know what to say

The team at gebrauchstext – Multinational Text knows a thing or two about words, meanings and the impact of a text, and you can benefit from that. Read on to find out how. First of all though, we’ll tell you a bit about our company.
gebrauchstext – Multinational Text has been helping companies from all sorts of industries with all sorts of target markets to get their messages across and render them successfully in other languages since 2006.

We work with texts of all kinds and lengths, ranging from short taglines or label texts to multilingual customer newsletters, handbooks and whole websites, or even translating non-fiction books and TV dubbing scripts – and much, much more.

A short text can have a big impact, so it should be carefully tailored and last as long as possible – just like anything else you use to present yourself. Specifically, we offer: translation, adaptation, proofreading (from simple proofing to copy-editing) and copywriting services.

If you want to show your company in the best possible light or provide information about your latest product – especially if more than one language is involved – you’ve come to the right place. Why not contact us now? We’ll be happy to advise you and give you a no-obligation quotation.