Clients who know when they’re onto a good thing

Below is a small selection of companies who love our service already.
For confidentiality reasons, we cannot show many examples of our work here.

Initiative to bring about energy reform
Translating various scientific studies
Translating advertising campaigns into Norwegian and Swedish
Mobile audio and multimedia tours
Adapting museum audio guides
Literary publishing house
Adapting and recording audio for online advertising

Online club for owners and fans of the new Mini
Translating the website, four languages
Adapting the website

Above-the-line advertising agency
Adapting advertising, seven languages
German and English proofreading for various clients
Free factual entertainment TV channel for men in Germany
Producing dubbing scripts (English–German) for docu-soaps

Overhaulin’ is a popular TV series which follows top car designer Chip Foose and his team as they revamp ageing vehicles – without the owner’s knowledge
The user car experts buy, overhaul and sell vehicles. The show has proved so successful that more than twelve series have already been produced.
Advertising Agency
Translating, editing and proofreading various texts (German, English, French)
Online auction site
Internal communications, various projects, six languages
Europe-wide energy supplier and energy service provider
(formerly GDF SUEZ) Adapting, translating and proofreading various texts for brochures, presentations and the website. Translating the weekly trading newsletter for clients
International meal-kit company
Translating and editing (German and English); weekly proofreading of recipe boxes (German)

Meat snacks
Translating various texts for online advertising

Institute for the Research of Freedom at the SRH University Heidelberg
Translating various texts
Audio post production company
Producing dubbing scripts (English–German) for various docutainment programmes for TV channels Pro7 Maxx, Sixx and Comedy Central as well as directing voice recordings

Eyewear and sportswear
Copywriting and adapting customer newsletters, four languages

Porcelain art and tableware
Adapting and proofreading advertising materials and the website

Agency for political communication
Translating various texts
Feature films and TV series
Translating texts for online marketing throughout Europe, 14 languages

Manufacturer of high-quality box-spring beds
Adapting and editing advertisements, brochures and the website

Producer of building materials
Translating the product catalogue and website, four languages

Foundation of the German Industry for International Cooperation – non-profit organisation
Various translations, five languages

Public Broadcasting Company, Switzerland
Subtitling various episodes of Top Gear, the most popular television series in the world

Consulting agency
Various translations; editing and proofreading

Project developer and building contractor
Adapting the website

Conservation and environmental protection
Translating various scientific studies and presentations about climate change and energy reform